University staff and students are recognised as having a significant role in the management of risk inherent in all dealings be they academic, research, administrative, commercial, strategic, operational, process and/or project.

Risk documentation has been developed at UWA in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009. The UWA Risk Matrix, along with the Likelihood and Consequences tables, has been approved by the UWA Audit and Risk Committee. The Matrix is to be used to rate all risks and, in conjunction with the UWA Risk Assessment, to formally document high- and extreme-risk activities.

UWA Risk Management Policy and Framework

The UWA Risk Management Policy is a foundation document that guides risk management at the University.

Assessing risk

Risks to UWA are broad and numerous and include Strategic, Reputational, Health and Safety, Research, Teaching and learning, Legislative, Compliance and Financial.

The University of Western Australia requires all staff and students to manage risk on a daily basis. A formal, documented Risk Assessment is required to be completed and submitted to line management when:

  • an activity has a high or extreme risk rating
  • applying for grants or other funding
  • a project is being planned and also during its ongoing management
  • planned travel is to a high-risk region (destination) and/or the activity is high-risk

The following UWA approved documents are required to do this task:

  1. UWA Risk Assessment Template or High Risk Travel Assessment (destination or activity) Template.
  2. UWA Risk Matrix Template – includes Likelihood and Consequences descriptions. The Matrix is used to identify and rate University risks and to complete Risk Assessments.


High-risk activity

UWA undertakes a broad range of activities within Australia and around the world. Staff and students are required to manage their risks to a high level at all times while representing the University.

High-risk activities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Mine visits
  2. Confined spaces
  3. Isolated / rural / remote areas
  4. Biohazard / chemical exposure
  5. Vessels under pressure
  6. Political / religious / culturally sensitive subject matter
  7. Motor vehicle travel / 4x4 / unsealed or non-maintained roads
  8. Boating / water work / diving
  9. Multiple travellers (three or more senior staff, six or more students)
  10. Close to the border of a high-risk country
  11. In-country flights in developing / Third world country / on third level carriers
  12. Close to a high-risk activity such as an army base in a conflict zone
  13. Staying in-country for more than six months
  14. Other: __________________________

High-risk travel destination and activity

High-risk travel assessments and associated travel approval are embedded in the Concur Travel booking system as part of the travel approval process. UWA employees or students will be prompted to undertake a risk assessment for high-risk destinations and submit the assessment as part of the travel approval process. Refer to your Concur travel system subject matter expert for further detail of the risk assessment process.

Safety and Health

Safety, Health and Wellbeing has its own risk matrix for safety risk assessments. The Safety Risk Assessment can not be substituted for the standard UWA Risk Assessment or the UWA High Risk Travel (destination and activity) Assessment.